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Allan is a lifelong student of storytelling and filmmaking technique. Since graduating from film school in the mid-90s, he has experienced the highs and lows of independent filmmaking during his time as Line Producer, Production Manager and Assistant Director on many productions from Toronto to Montreal.

He later formed his own production company, focusing on the advertising fringes of creative filmmaking: producing, writing and directing commercials and marketing pieces. Recently, his experience with consumer products for mainstream television shows reignited the fire to tell unique, entertaining and relevant stories. It was time to give proper filmmaking a go.

His many years of promotional writing proved useful fodder and training when he penned his first feature length screenplay in 2011, entitled "INTERSTATE 90"(feature length action/thriller). Since then, the floodgates have opened.

Allan's numerous creative concepts include the award winning “Annabelle” (a half-hour family TV series, Best TV Pilot Script - Moondance Film Festival 2012), “Beyond” (an hour-long action/sci-fi/drama), and overseeing the writing of both pilot episodes. He has also recently written, directed and produced the award winning “The Charon Incident”(short drama/thriller, Best of Fest, Route 66 International Film Festival 2012), an intensely engaging film. Allan is currently developing the feature length sequel.